Interior design

Every company and brand is different. Just as your workspace requirements are unique, we believe your interior design team should be too.


We work with a network of specialist design consultants, choosing those specific to your industry and sensitive to your particular business needs.

Essentially, we guarantee truly bespoke design and value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that every company is distinct, with specific workspace requirements and industry nuances. To address this, we collaborate with a network of specialist design consultants who are carefully chosen based on their expertise in your particular industry. This ensures that your office interior design is not only visually appealing but also functional and aligned with the specific needs of your business.

Commercial interior design plays a crucial role in shaping and influencing company culture. The physical workspace, its layout, colours, and overall design impact employee experiences, collaboration, and morale. Thoughtfully designed interiors can foster a positive and collaborative atmosphere, enhance employee well-being, and reflect the company’s values. A well-designed office space contributes to a sense of identity, boosts creativity, and encourages a positive work culture, ultimately influencing employee satisfaction and productivity.

At Intex Projects, we prioritise several key modern corporate office interior design features. These include open and collaborative workspaces to foster teamwork, ergonomic furniture for employee comfort and well-being, incorporation of natural light and biophilic (plant led) design to enhance the overall atmosphere, technology integration for efficiency, and flexible design elements that accommodate evolving work styles. Our approach ensures that the modern office environment reflects both functionality and aesthetics, creating a dynamic and inspiring workspace for today’s corporate needs.