Our Promise

We promise to look at how we can integrate sustainable solutions into every aspect of our work, from design to implementation.

At Intex Projects, we are commited to offering workplace sustainability in our commercial fit-out design and builds. It’s not just about following trends; it’s about understanding and prioritising the need to take care of our planet. By sustainability being at the forefront, we not only reduce our ecological footprint but also align with the escalating demand for eco-conscious design and construction solutions.  We follow the highly accredited standards SKA and BREEAM and are also ISO 14001 certified. Our approach has resonated with the growing awareness among clients, tenants, and stakeholders who are also seeking environmentally responsible practices. Embracing sustainability isn’t just about meeting expectations; it’s about leading the way towards a more resilient and future-proof built environment. 

Standards and certifications we folllow

At Intex Projects, throughout our projects, we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure our projects adhere to the most highly recognised sustainability standards. We achieve this by following assessment methods including SKA and BREEAM. Each method offers distinct strengths, catering to diverse project needs. Organisations aiming for a holistic sustainability objective should consider BREEAM, while SKA is well-suited for all fit-out projects. There is more information below on both SKA and BREEAM.

Sustainable methods & materials

At Intex Projects, we prioritise using sustainable methods and materials in all our work. Utilising recycled resources, eco-conscious paints, and energy-efficient electrical services for a greener approach. We discuss how we can reduce our environmental footprint during the initial stages of our projects with all our clients.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

We contribute to reducing our carbon footprint by allowing our team to follow hybrid working practices to cut commuting emissions. Plus, we prioritise working with local companies to minimise transportation emissions. These efforts contribute to a greener future and again demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.

Employee well-being

We believe in prioritising the well-being of employees as part of the commitment to workplace sustainability. We focus on ensuring employee comfort and safety in our workspace designs by offering ergonomic furniture solutions, better air quality, reduced noise level solutions and biophilic designs.

Energy Efficient Solutions

We are deeply committed to prioritising energy efficiency in all our projects. We integrate energy-efficient designs for example, employing high-performance insulation materials and selecting energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Additionally, our contractors specialise in incorporating solar energy solutions for businesses, harnessing the power of Photovoltaic technology to convert sunlight into electricity through solar panels.

How we achieve Sustainability

The SKA Rating is a well-known sustainability assessment and certification system tailored for commercial property fit-outs in the UK. It aids landlords and tenants in evaluating fit-out projects against a set of sustainability criteria, termed good practice measures. The assessment entails identifying relevant measures and gathering evidence to ensure specified standards are met, including performance and waste benchmarks. Projects receive a SKA rating of Bronze, Silver, or Gold, alongside a percentage score. By implementing SKA rating and adhering to its good practice measures, businesses can create more sustainable offices, effectively reducing their environmental footprint.

What added value is gained from a  SKA rating?
  • You measure your sustainability impact accurately.
  • It helps you manage the bottom line.
  • Ensures you follow good practice.
  • You comply with legal/statutory compliance.
  • Helps with the decision-making process.
  • Increases your customers, investors and stakeholders perception of you.
  • It effects staff engagement and well-being in the workplace.

The BREEAM initiatives contribute to minimising the environmental impact of the built environment, particularly in terms of raw material usage. The goal by 2030 is to effectively manage and utilise natural resources sustainably. BREEAM certification offers a range of advantages, such as increased energy efficiency, enhanced market appeal and value, and providing stakeholders with a clear understanding of the building’s environmental performance.

We recognise that our industry has an impact on the environment. Intex Projects is ISO 14001 certified, demonstrating we are committed to minimising our own impact through continual monitoring and improvement of our environmental performance.

We follow our Environmental Policy at all times and ensure we meet all relevant legislation, regulations, government guidance and industry codes of practice on environmental issues.

Implementing environmentally friendly practices, such as energy-efficient lighting, sustainable materials, and green building technologies, to create eco-friendly and sustainable commercial spaces.

We only use suppliers and contractors who have environmental policies and practices in place.  We select suppliers who use sustainable timber and who work to the Forestry Steward Chain of Custody and Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme.

We are dedicated to minimising waste throughout the construction process by recycling and repurposing materials, and ensuring responsible disposal of construction waste. We offer comprehensive site waste management plans to our clients, aiming to decrease our reliance on landfills and promote a circular economy.  We ensure site waste is disposed of by our approved skip contractors who have green waste management plans.