The Brief

Our client x+why, located in the vibrant Foundry at 6 Brindleyplace, Birmingham. This project was designed for Lloyds Banking Group, who secured an impressive 59,896 sq. ft of office space, making it the largest letting of the year outside of London.

The Cat B fit out project encompassed the customisation and fit out to areas on part of the 3rd floor, as well as full floors 4 to 7.

The aim was to transform the space into a functional, modern, and aesthetically pleasing environment tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of Lloyds Bank Group.

The solution

The completion of the CAT B fit out transformed our client’s office space into a dynamic hub promoting productivity and creativity. Employees of Lloyds Bank can now enjoy a versatile workspace that caters to their diverse needs.

Our team meticulously crafted shared and private meeting rooms, ensuring each space was equipped with the latest audio-visual technology and ergonomic furnishings to facilitate productive discussions.

Additionally, we introduced innovative work booths and pods strategically positioned throughout the office, offering secluded areas for focused tasks without compromising accessibility or comfort.

Furthermore, communal facilities such as breakout areas and recreational zones were carefully designed to promote employee engagement and well-being, every detail was tailored to enhance the overall workplace experience.

How we worked sustainably

X+why were keen that we created a regenerative, and resource-efficient environment, thereby nurturing a more sustainable future.