The Brief


To revitalise the Summer Row, entrance foyer to provide a modern and efficient space. A full design and build of the foyer to include improved accessibility by relocating speed gates, enhancing the overall experience for everyone entering.

The UCB, Summer Row site was formerly the Birmingham College of Food and Domestic Arts, serves as a central hub for college and undergraduate courses in the food and hospitality industry. 

The solution

  • Removal of mezzanine floors.
  • New tiled flooring throughout.
  • Bespoke feature wall finishes.
  • Design & build the Cafe.
  • Brand new reception desk.
  • Meeting rooms.
  • Relocation of speed gates.
  • Complete heating and cooling system overhaul.
  • New passenger lift.

How we worked sustainably


Using wood panels and wood-based wall panels. The longevity of wood and its potential for recycling or repurposing at the end of its life cycle enhances sustainability.