The Brief

A CAT B fit-out and rebranding initiative for levels 1-3 at 6 Brindley Place, aimed at accommodating a new tenant. The brief was to redesign the space to include dedicated areas for zoom calls and phone booths, complemented by various collaborative working zones, communal lounges, and meeting spaces.

The solution

  • Internal reconfiguration.
  • Modifications to electrical services.
  • Decorative enhancements.
  • Feature planting.
  • Installation of custom joinery, furniture, and artwork.
  • Shared and private meeting rooms, ensuring each space was equipped with the latest audio-visual technology Ergonomic furnishings.
  • Innovative work booths and pods strategically positioned throughout the office.
  • Secluded areas for focused tasks.

How we worked sustainably

Communal facilities such as breakout areas and recreational zones were carefully designed to promote employee engagement and well-being, every detail was tailored to enhance the overall workplace experience and well-being.